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21Present: Interactive, collaborative Lectures

We have all experienced being bored by a non engaging lecture devoid of practical application. Maybe you have even throught: “What ever happened to engaging me the student, creating interaction and meaning? Why are the teacher using the presentation as talking points rather than a medium for active and engaging conversation and student involvement?

The easy way is of course to categorize this only as a human error. It is very easy point the finger at the teacher. But what about taking a closer look at the technology? In our opinion that is the big pink elephant in the room because of current presentation scheme is not digital at all. In fact we can trace its roots back to hand-painted images on glass, that were projected onto a wall using backlit glass - in the beginnings of 1600. Basically it has not evolved much. Most of us are used to being talked to, rather than being asked to share our own thoughts when attending lectures. But by pose a retorical question we see, who is it that needs to become smarter. It is the students. 21Present is a tool created for on purpose and that is to give teachers an easy but powerful tool that helps them be interactive.

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Real Time Collaboration and Interaction


Import your learning materials.

Enrich using interactive elements. Teaching also consists of aggregating, organizing and disseminating quality materials/tools. So we created an easy way for teachers to import and create your own learning materials. Import text, pictures, video and edit everything on the fly. Even add interactive element enabling you to create assignment in real time.


One workspace across devices

What if you could pick up where you left your teaching session even if you changed your device – say from a Win 8.1 PC to an Android tablet? Twenty One Learning have created a synchronization technology that allows you to be totally device agnostic.


Content Collaboration

Why settle for less than actual real time peer editing capability: Texts, pictures, sounds, shapes and even videos. Set up totally new types of flipped classroom settings. Create rich types of learning materials with peers no matter where they are situated. Make collaboration role based!


Work offline – synchronize work later

Our technology enables you to sync your offline work at a later time also while collaborating!  What if the Internet breaks down? No problem. Continue to conduct your lessons even with rich featured animations and writing capabilities. Cloud should never be a prerequisite for teaching!


How People Use our Application

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End of March we are launching the 21Present Beta. Type your name and email and you will get an invite in a couple of weeks.
We have decided to limit the number of invites to be able to have more qualified conversations.